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From KanWiki Jump to: navigation, search Below are listed several topics for which there are no articles in KanWiki. The KanWiki editors hope that you will choose one of these topics and start contributing today. Before you do, read our simple guidelines. The more writers we can get to contribute, the more complete KanWiki will be.

  • A biography of any of the mayors of Kankakee
  • An article about Bradley, Bourbonnais, Momence, Manteno or Limestone
  • The Kankakee County Court House
  • Biographies of any Alderman past or present
  • Sherb Noble and Dairy Queen
  • WKAN
  • Important Kankakee Families
  • A history of any area church
  • History of the Depot
  • History of the County Building
  • History of the Bridges in the City
  • History of District 111 and all individual schools, public or private
  • History of Bishop McNamara High School
  • History of Grace Baptist Academy
  • History of area factories, past and present
  • History of Luna Theatre and Majestic Theatre
  • Biography of Governors Small, Shapiro and Ryan
  • Songs with Kankakee in them
  • Visits of famous people to Kankakee
  • The Kankakee Hotel
  • St. Mary’s and Riverside Hospitals

This is just the tip of the iceberg to provide some ideas. We want to hear your ideas too.