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Before submitting your article, be sure to follow these steps. This will help make KanWiki as accurate and visually pleasing as possible.

It's About Kankakee

Because KanWiki is sponsored by the City of Kankakee through the Kankakee Public Library, our focus will be on the City of Kankakee. However, no Wiki about the city would be complete without articles about communities, people, and events throughout the county. We do require that any article have some relevance to Kankakee. For example, an article about Arlo Guthrie would be appropriate if it concerned his visit to Kankakee in 2005. The article should include a link to his Wikipedia article for general biographical information. Any articles without a relationship to Kankakee will be deleted.

Organize Your Thoughts

As you gather your information, be sure to think about how the article will be organized. Identify what headings you would like for each section. Remember, sections with headings will appear in a handy table-of-contents at the top of the article. Think about information that may work better as a numbered list, an outline, or a bulleted list.

Include Web Links

Is there more information on your topic out on the web? Send along a link and we can create a list for readers to do further research. Look up your topic on Wikipedia:. It is simple to link from KanWiki to Wikipedia to create a cross-reference that puts a vast amount of information at you reader’s fingertips.

Include Your Sources

Credibility is important when creating a KanWiki article. Be sure to include a list of your sources. If you used website, books, interviews or documents, be sure to give a complete accounting of where researchers may go to verify your information. Articles with suspect accuracy may be removed by the KanWiki editors. Don't rely on simple memory. The "facts" inside our heads are often hazy from time, clouded by opinion, and just plain wrong.

Include Photos

Photos can be extraordinarily valuable in fleshing out an article. Please don't use any that are smaller than 300px in its larger dimension. Also, don't use any copyrighted images that you have not secured permission to use. We will need a note from you telling us the source of the photo and how permission to use it was obtained. Photos taken by you will need to have permission for web publication included in your article submission.

Be Objective

KanWiki is not the place for the airing of personal opinions. We do encourage the correction of factual errors, but we will not tolerate any kind of feuding on our Wiki. If such an incident occurs, the KanWiki editors will either correct the controversial sections or remove the article all together. Contributors who abuse their KanWiki privileges risk losing them completely. Also, be careful of hagiography, of being overly positive. The best policy is to stick to the facts and let the readers make their own judgments about the value of the subject.


We will not be able to proof everything you write. Run your submission through a spell checker and look it over thoroughly for grammatical errors. We want KanWiki to project as professional an image as possible.

That's it. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be helping to build a resource that could be of extraordinary value to Kankakeeans for generations to come!

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