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Welcome to KanWiki: The Encyclopedia of Kankakee, IL

This Wiki is designed to serve as the encyclopedia of all things Kankakee. It will cover local people, government, organizations, history, churches and more. But like all Wikis, it will be useless unless we get contributions from readers like you.

Using KanWiki

If you’ve used Wikipedia, you know how to use KanWiki. We use the same simple software. Just enter a word or phrase in the search box on the left and see what comes up. If you don’t find anything, that’s your clue; it’s time to write an article of your own!

How to Write an Article

There are two ways to you can submit an article to KanWiki. First, read the submission guidelines, then choose the method below you are the most confortable with:

  1. If you are not interested in learning all the ins and outs of article editing in a Wiki, you can simply email us your article and we will be happy to put it up for you. All you need to do is email it to us in any text format you like. Be sure to organize your article into subheadings. KanWiki will automatically create a table of contents for your article, making information a snap to find. We can also include photos, links to the web, or links to other KanWiki articles. It couldn't be easier! Submit an Article
  2. For those who are more tech savvy, you can design your article yourself directly in KanWiki. First you will need a login to do editing. Just click "create an account" in the upper right hand corner of this page to start. Once you have created the account, email your account name to us and we will activate your editing privileges. Please read "how to do basic code editing" for directions on how to format your article before beginning.

Why not write an article about your organization, business or even yourself and help build this resource for our community, for now and for generations to come?

Advanced information about using MediaWiki, the software that powers KanWiki